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Spaceboard is a free job board for listing roles in tech companies from around the globe.

Why another job board?

We wanted to build something slightly different. We wanted to build something that we would enjoy using ourselves and that could help us hire at Zero when the time is right. We took inspiration from the timeless utility and familiarity of sites such as Hacker News. Zero noise, just a focused stream of job posts.

What exactly are your offering?

Spaceboard is a simple job board where companies can add key information about the jobs they're offering and share with our visitors. Listing is free and your job will be live for 30 days. The site is open to all tech companies around the globe. We will remove entries that are not job posts or are not linking to job posts.

Why as a company should I use this?

Because we made it stress free and convenient for you to post a job and reach applicants. We investigated the key pieces of information that stimulate the tech talent curiosity and reduced each job listing to just that.

Why as a job seeker should I use this?

We created a minimal, noise free stream of job posts. Use our persistent location and category filters to narrow down the list to what's relevant for you. Easily spot what you've already clicked, what's new and what's hot.

Is it really free?

We think it's possible to provide a useful high quality service to the tech community at low cost to us. We're not displaying ads, promoted entries, we don't charge for posting and we're not after your data. We're also proud to not be using any third party tracking services such as the popular GA.